Advantages & Disadvantages

Thinking about switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? If so, then congratulations because vaping offers many advantages, but there are a few disadvantages you’ll want to know about. With that said, read on to learn about e-cigs advantages, disadvantages and tips for choosing vape pens and accessories. We’ll also tell you whether or not we think you should make the switch.

Tips For Choosing E-Cigs And Accessories
Find an online retailer that offers a wide range of e-cigarette brands and accessories at a great price. One thing you can do is go to a website that specializes in the best e cigarette brands & reviews. There, you will learn a lot, such as what the top 3 vapor pens are, flavors you should try and which products are of high quality and which ones you should probably steer clear from. These are only a few things you’ll learn from reading reviews about vaping products.

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Sure, using e-cigs is not 100% healthy for you, but it’s no secret that it is healthier than real cigarettes. If you want to reduce your risk of many cigarette-related illnesses and sicknesses, then you’ll want to start seriously thinking about using e-cigs instead of real cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes have been linked to conditions such as high blood pressure, as well as various cancers and it ages you. Don’t risk your health and continue to smoke cigarettes.

Although there are places that ban vaping, it is allowed in more places than smoking cigarettes is allowed. In other words, when you switch to e-cigs, you’ll get to enjoy vaping in far more locations than you would if you smoked cigarettes.

The vapor created from your vape pen/e-cig will not come with a horrible aroma. In fact, you will love how it smells because it will smell like the flavor it’s designed after. If you choose cherry flavored e-liquids, then the vapor will smell like cherries. Vaping is an odor-free experience, so you won’t have to worry about it smelling your clothes, nails, hair, and skin. The same can’t be said for real cigarettes.

E-liquids are what really makes the vaping experience such a pleasurable one. It doesn’t matter which cigarette brand you use or how much you pay for your cigarettes, they all pretty much have a standard taste. This isn’t the case with e-cigs. E-liquids are available in many flavors, such as light strawberry, watermelon, and other fruity types. There’s even chocolate flavored e-liquid, as well as bubblegum. These are only a few examples of what you’ll find available.

One of the most noticeable benefits is the amount of money you’ll save by switching to e-cigs. If you’re like many smokers, then you easily go through a pack or two in a single week. You might even easily smoke a pack per day. Regardless, the chances are you are spending a lot of money on cigarettes. When you switch to vaping, you will enjoy saving money.

There really are not long-term studies out there that show what potential health risks are associated with electronic cigarettes and this is one of the main disadvantages of vaping.

Also, not all places allow you to vape. This is regardless of it being more tolerable than smoking real cigarettes. Some places don’t mind and they allow it, while others do not. Also, some of your family and friends might not like the smell of the vapor. This is rare because the aroma is usually pleasant for those who smell it, but some of the people you know might not be too fond of it.

If you are a very, very picky person, you might not find a flavor of e-liquid that you’ll like. The chances of this happening are extremely slim. With so many flavors on the market, finding one you’ll enjoy will be easy.

Those are really the only disadvantages of electronic cigarettes. Other than that, there are no major cons that should discourage you from quitting smoking to start using e-cigs.

Should You Make The Switch
The answer is yes. Although there are a handful of disadvantages of using e-cigs, the advantages outweigh them. Plus, smoking real cigarettes are horrible and it’s one of the worst habits to have. Every day you smoke cigarettes is another day you are putting your health at serious risk. Instead of doing that, make the switch to vaping.

What are you waiting for? Stop smoking real cigarettes and start experiencing the previously discussed benefits by making the switch to electronic cigarettes.