It’s a fight to the finish as brands compete in the arena of the year’s best e-cigs. As 2017 nears its close, designs that are equipped with 18650 batteries appear to have better chances of making it to the finals. If you were a judge of The Voice singing competition, you could easily spot the streak of 18650 batteries running through the maze of the best e-cigs contenders.

The chief criterion for winning this year’s championship is being able to bring the best “voice” from e-cigarette aficionados worldwide. Thus, the brands to be crowned the best e cigs are expected to make a bid for the consumer’s nose, mouth, throat, and lungs for a shot at the title. Evoking powerful vocals from users can only mean holding a green card for e-cig makers who always seem dead set on blazing the path to glory, anyway.

Even Lady Gaga is no match for the boundless energy of these innovators whose products only deserve to be on the roster of the best e cigs. It takes a lot of guts, hard work, and creativity to come up with a new twist on the sought after product line year after year or even several times annually. The sheer variety of out-of-this-world designs is simply astounding.

The best e cigs are best exemplified by box mods or those box-shaped all-in-one vaping portables that resemble the shape of the transistor radios of old. Of late, the epitome of the best e cigs in town has been arriving looking smaller and sleeker than ever. And the irony of it all is that each new incarnation miraculously becomes packed with more features especially those powered by 18650 batteries.

Nowadays, the best e-cigs with the box mod twist can be adjusted to the desired level of vapor heating with a quick flick of a switch or a dial principle. Some flavors require their own precise levels of heat acceleration in order to bring out the best in them. The more discriminating as well the most experienced vaping patrons know only too well that such controls can be further tweaked from the subtle to the most intense inhalation.

Of course, the best e cigs manufacturers are only much obliged to achieve such a degree of perfection. The 18650 batteries are a step in this direction. These minute yet remarkably powerful dry cells were invented by Carl Gassner in 1866.

To-date, the best e cigs in the market are the third major beneficiary of the battery technology that defines portability –after cellular phones and tablet PCs. The extraordinary league of 18650 batteries has made the alkaline variety a mere shadow, trapped in the dust of competition with an irreversible outcome. And it’s almost as if 18650 batteries were born this way.

Like a coloratura, a soprano or a pop song diva, 18650 batteries just happen to have much bigger pipes or capacity. They last and last without even trying. They help prop up the best e cigs magic by supporting the genre’s longevity.

Thus even for e-cigarettes that are a tad smaller than a cell phone, about the same size of a cigarette lighter or even smaller, durability and longevity have ceased to be an issue. The 18650 batteries now have the backs of these smaller instruments of vaping pleasure covered.

Surely, the dictum that size does matter has long ceased to exist with the presence of 18650 batteries in the present crop of the best e cigs. But as counter trends go, it would be premature to assume that bigger and better e-cig apparatuses can’t be made nor appeal to the greater e cig mass market. For just like computers with bigger screens, the proliferation of printers, and the resurgence of opera singers in TV singing competitions–the future shapes and sizes of the best e-cigs are just hard if not impossible to predict.

Also, new entrants to the best e cigs Game of Thrones are finding it harder to compete against the well-entrenched players like Juul Vapor, V2 or Halo. And while the smash hit HBO series has got only seven kingdoms competing for the iron throne, the world of best e cigs has 16 “kingdoms” hellbent on ruling everyone.

And here’s why brands with 18650 batteries seem to be lording it over the skirmishes and the battles for best e cigs. The 18650 batteries are simply the best there is, that is until the wall collapses to welcome a new champion.