Form Factors

Electronic cigarettes have morphed into different shapes and sizes. This necessary evolution is critical in the attempt to cater to various needs. They all have their place in the market as consumers have their own unique requirements. The best ones will remain while the others will fail. This makes the vape scene quite exciting as new form factors keep emerging for people to try. Some will be forgotten but a few will become hits and stay for a while, at least until a new one takes their place. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful types of e-cigs so far:


One of the biggest reasons why ecigs are so popular is that people are looking for alternatives to smoking. The health risks have never been secret but the addictive nature of tobacco makes it difficult to quit. To encourage people to shift to vaping, they created an e-cig that looks and feels just like a regular stick of cigarette. The size, shape, and colors are remarkably similar. The operation is also as simple as can be with everything already integrated such as the battery and the liquid. There’s nothing left to do but get a few puffs in. The downside is that these are disposable. Once the liquid and battery run out, you will have to throw it away and get another one.

Small Rechargeables

Disposables are incredibly convenient but their simplicity also makes them easy to outgrow. They have far too many limitations that will become apparent with greater frequency of use. After a while, you will probably look for something that you won’t have to throw away every time. Rechargeables are the obvious answer. They have batteries that you can plug in when they are going low on energy. They also have tanks that you can refill if the juice is running out. With this setup, you are not tied to the flavor that comes with the device. Try any flavor you want from all sorts of e-liquid makers.

Medium Tank Devices

The problem with these early small rechargeables is that they came in small sizes. You could recharge the battery but the capacity was not much, to begin with. This meant that you would be tied to your charger the whole day if you were a heavy user. The obvious solution would be to increase the size so that it could accommodate a larger power source and a bigger tank for the liquids. This change made the unit look more like a medium-sized pen rather than a stick of cigarette. The mouthpiece also became more prominent. E-cigs were beginning to carve their own identity. They were putting utility ahead of aesthetics.

Large Tank Devices

The pen-type ecigs certainly made vaping more practical in that people could bring their device anywhere with confidence that it will last the whole day. They would no longer be searching for outlets all the time for charging. The focus then shifted to the performance of the units. People wanted to have better experiences when they vape. They wanted to be able to control the settings and use the exact parts they wanted. So came the vape mods that usually look like small boxes with a protruding pipe on top. The voltage can be changed to produce more or less vapor. Temperature monitoring is constant.


These are similar in spirit to the old disposable e-cigs in that they are made to resemble traditional cigars including the brown wrapping and distinctive bands. Of course, the inside doesn’t contain any tobacco but instead a heating element, a tank, a power source just as you would expect from a pen-type ecig. If you would like to be more discrete about vaping, then you can go this route. Make the experience more authentic by filling up the tank with liquids that have tobacco and other exotic flavors.


You can also find ecigs that come in the form of a pipe. This is great for traditionalists who like the shape and feel of this form factor. This is more closely associated with the older generation but a lot of young people are also curious to try them out. It could be given as a present to fathers and grandfathers who are open to trying a different kind of experience from their old habit. The good thing about this is that they won’t have to clean the pipe so often as it provides a cleaner burn. Those who are trying to collect different kinds of ecigs should also check them out.